Heater Matrix - Jaguar - XF X250 2008-11 - 21001
Heater Matrix - Jaguar - XF X250 2008-11 - 21001

Extra Information

Models include: 3.0D V6 Luxury, Premium luxury 3.0D, Pre facelift S Premium Luxury

Engines include: AJ-V6D 500, AJV6D600, AJ30

There are several different sized heaters used in the range with different sets of pipes depending on engine size, model and climate comntrol variations. This heater is new to our range so we are still compiling an exact list of fitment. We recommend that you compare our pictures and dimensions to your own unit. At the present time we have not sold this unit for 2.7 litre models so if your unit is slightly different to this one we can make you a heater to your pattern

Re-use original pipes. New O rings and clamps supplied