Heater Matrix - Volkswagen - Transporter T4 1996-2003 Rhd - 20998
volkswagen transporter T4 heater matrix

Extra Information

OE: 702820031


This heater is the alternative heater to the 20685 on our VW page.

Note the position of the flange.

This has been fitted to the following vehicles:

2000-2003 T4 V67 STR Limousine (side window van)2.8 petrol AMV engine Automatic +AC

1999-2003 T4 LWB (side window van) 2.5TDi AJT engine Manual +AC

1996 onwards Caravelle (side window van) GL8 VR6 SWB 2.8 petrol AES engine Automatic +AC

1996 onwards Transporter 1200 SWB 2.5 petrol AET engine Manual +AC

1999 onwards caravelle variant 8STR SWB TDI 2.5TDI AJT Engine + AC

1999 onwards CARAVELLE SEDAN 9STR LWB TDI AUF & ACV engine + AC

1996 onwards Caravelle CL9 TDI LWB 2.5TDI ACV Engine +AC

1996 onwards 1200 caravan swb 2.5tdi ACV & AET & AVT engine